Dr. Jeffrey R. Gruen, MD, FAAP


image 1Dr. Gruen has received continuous funding from the NIH for dyslexia research since 1999. He currently has an NIH grant to develop a pre-symptomatic genetic screening panel for identifying children at risk for developing reading disability, utilizing the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC), a sample of over 10,000 children collected in the Avon region of the UK. In the 2005 annual breakthrough edition of the journal Science, the discovery of DCDC2 for dyslexia headed by Dr. Gruen, was named the 5th most important breakthrough of the year. In 2009, Dr. Gruen received a generous grant from the Manton Foundation to study genetics and dyslexia in minority children. This study, the GRaD Study (Genes, Reading and Dyslexia) is currently enrolling children ages 8-15 with and without reading problems.

Staff Information:

Dr. Jeffrey R. Gruen, MD, FAAP
Associate Professor, Yale Child Health Research Center
Departments of Pediatrics, Genetics, and Investigative Medicine
Yale School of Medicine

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Dyslexia Videocast