image 1MRI

All MRI studies for both the GRaD and the PING studies will be done at the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Center at Yale University

An MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scanner will be used to create a 3 dimensional picture of your child’s brain. MRI scanners work by using powerful magnets to align tiny particles in your body. When these tiny particles all line up in the same direction as the magnet an image can be created. This doesn’t hurt at all. The magnet is a large, donut-shaped machine, with a long tube in the “hole” of the donut.

During the scan your child will lie still on his/her back inside the big, half-round tube of the magnet. Your child may have a blanket if he/she is cold. A special helmet lined with foam rubber may be placed around your child’s head to make sure that it doesn’t move during the scan. A certified MRI technician will be watching your child the entire time. Neither your child nor the magnet will move during the test.

At times during the scan the MRI machine will make some loud banging sounds like those made by a steam radiator when the heat turns on. Your child will wear earplugs to soften the noises.

While your child is in the scanner, he/she will be asked to complete some simple language/reading tasks involving reading words on a screen and listening to words on headphones. The entire scan will take about one hour.

There is a waiting room for you at the MRRC or if your child prefers, you may take him/her to the scanning room. You will not be allowed in the scanning room during the scan.

Your child absolutely MAY NOT participate in the fMRI scan if he/she has any of the following:

- Metallic dental implants, such as braces
- Implanted magnetic objects (i.e., aneurysm clips, cardiac pacemakers etc.)

Before your child’s appointment all metal objects, including jewelry, watches, medication patches, pumps, etc. should be removed.